FAMILY MIXTAPE #12 by Guiot [2k18 XMAS Special]


PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS family Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here.

Guiot makes computer music on her laptop, on stage and on screen. Her DJing gerrymanders musical space into a varied set of influences, all the way from digital noise to nightcore. Tags: happy, hardcore, many many sawtooths, digital castrati, snowflakes. MERRY CHRISTMAS



Shinkichi Mitsumune – Bossa Nova ‘Zettai Unmei Mikushiroku’
MEGATECH – W32 Burst
knowsur – PaPaPaPa-Paradise
Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards OST: Club Mix ~ The Bosses
Shinji Hosoe – Tetris the Absolute – The Grand Master 2 OST: Level 700-899
Sonic Dragolgo – Mexico
Kilbourne – Red Melt
Ito Kaboto – Il Bar
Techdiff – Ashen Light
Jovanotti – Dal Basso
Intoxication Advice – Dramble Blasters
Guiot – ghci goddess (live)
Emily Glass – Threat Scan Dancer ®
Charli XCX – After the After Party (Danny L Harle Edit)
Krolik – Green Stefany
Coakira – Missing Link
13.c.Gilbert – Hurricane: SuperSonicSpeedSyamei~
Kesha – Warrior
heart2hurt – S4Dn3sss
Perfume – Party Maker (Chipped Nails’ #MANICURED Edit)
flu0ro – U GET ME GOIN 2K18
Drumcorps – Down
Machine Girl – Kill Screen
Ian M Fraser – Worf Gets Denied (Again and Again)
Nanahira – 物凄い勢いで酔ってみた
MilliRobo.beta – タチマチ・エラー
Nadia Oh – DJ’s Girlfriend
CRIM3S – Stay Ugly
HDmirror – BILLY
LV.4 – Buster Launcher
Arkitech – Shadow of a Memory
Hixxy vs. Dougal and Gammer – Phaze to Phaze
maedasalt – i miss you.
dj lostboi – cabrona (bladee edit)
Toshiya Tsunoda – the sounds of small fruits falling in the grass as the wind shook the tree