A Voice Is Just A Familiar Noise @ Cripta747 | Torino, 28/11/2019

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Path Festival 2017 | Verona, 13-14-15/10/2017

  Path Festival 2017 | PAYNOMINDTOUS.IT Path Festival 2017, Verona was a total blast. See our report on YouTube at http://bit.ly/PATH-2017-VIDEOREPORTFeat. Silvia Kastel, Giovanni Lami, Andrea Belfi, mace., Shit and Shine, Nicola Ratti, S / V / N / Savana, Discipula, Donato Epiro. Support Path Festival | Morse _ Pubblicato da Paynomindtous su Giovedì 9 […]

Krishnamurti [Lami + Abattoir] LIVE DEBUT • Mademoiselle Bistouri LIVE @BlahBlah, Turin, 06/07/17

“Thought can never capture the movement of life, it is much too slow.” Krishnamurti Pay no mind to us, we’re just a minor threat. e BLAH BLAH sono felici di presentare, Giovedì 6 Luglio in Via Po 21 a Torino, la prima performance elettroacustica live di ‘Krishnamurti’, nuova collaborazione di Giovanni Lami [http://www.giovannilami.com/] e Lorenzo […]