Path Festival 2017 | Verona, 13-14-15/10/2017

  Path Festival 2017 | PAYNOMINDTOUS.IT Path Festival 2017, Verona was a total blast. See our report on YouTube at Silvia Kastel, Giovanni Lami, Andrea Belfi, mace., Shit and Shine, Nicola Ratti, S / V / N / Savana, Discipula, Donato Epiro. Support Path Festival | Morse _ Pubblicato da Paynomindtous su Giovedì 9 […]

RECORDING#42: Mace. [Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing DJSET] @Colorificio Kroen | Path Festival, Verona, 14/10/17

Technical File Date / Venue 14/10/2017, Path festival | Day 2 afterparty, Verona, Italy Info / Links Mace. : FB / Soundcloud / Discogs “Mace. is the solo project of italian producer Enrico Cesaro and it’s been active since 2013 with releases in labels such as Further Records, Lux Rec, Veleno Viola and angoisse. Having […]