Path Festival 2017 | Verona, 13-14-15/10/2017


Path Festival 2017 | PAYNOMINDTOUS.IT

Path Festival 2017, Verona was a total blast. See our report on YouTube at Silvia Kastel, Giovanni Lami, Andrea Belfi, mace., Shit and Shine, Nicola Ratti, S / V / N / Savana, Discipula, Donato Epiro. Support Path Festival | Morse _

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PAYNOMINDTOUS is a non-profit organization registered in December 2018, operating since late 2015 as a webzine and media website. In early 2017, we started our own event series in Turin, IT focused on arts, experimental, and dancefloor-oriented music. We reject every clumsy invocation to “the Future” meant as the signifier for capitalistic “progress” and “innovation”, fully embracing the Present instead; we renounce any reckless and ultimately arbitrary division between “high” and “low”, respectable and not respectable, “mind” and “body”; we support and invite musicians, artists, and performers having diverse backgrounds and expressing themselves via variegated artistic practices.