‘CupoCupo – Armor’ EP [PNMTU004], out now! w/ remixes by Galen Tipton and SHE/MACHINE

Artwork by: eurasiandesert

CupoCupo is a duo of musicians hailing from Bergamo, Italy presenting today their second work after the debut ‘Hypermetabolism’ EP out earlier this year on the US label TAR. Coming with album cover by the Italian visual artist eurasiandesert and a limited edition two-sided A5 300 gr. cardboard artwork print, the 4-tracker ‘Armor’ EP is a coherent, eventful episode of knife-edge post-club hybridization, a treasury of outstanding sound design skills, vicious bass handling, and rhythmical obsessivity.

CupoCupo – Armor EP [PNMTU004]




The centerpiece of their work is extensive vocal manipulation, employing voice chops with the role of primary composition tools within the multi-faceted pieces rich in heavy kick drums, snappy percussions, and gurgling vibrations. Drawing influence from contemporary electronic genres as well as free-form experimental music, the EP is closed by a trancey, grandiose rework of the opening track Yerro curated by the influential artist Galen Tipton (she/they), and a somber, pitch-black remix by Italian-based composer and producer SHE/MACHINE (she/her).



With ‘Armor’, CupoCupo hand out explosions of shattered sounds cramming themselves in turbulent flows of energy, where self-perception is challenged, strength is tested, and certainties are dismantled. Sealed lips utter red-hot rants oscillating from burning outbursts of chaos to sudden clarity. Tragic voices sing penetrating ballads for wandering bodies, waiting for their destiny to manifest and vehemently start opposing it. Light comes with darkness, and anything can be worth struggling for. CupoCupo’s outings are nothing but heartfelt testimony that brighter times are yet to come. Or not. 

01-04: Produced and mixed by CupoCupo. 05-06 remixed by Galent Tipton and SHE/MACHINE, respectively. Mastering by Wim Dehaen. Artwork and flyer design by eurasiandesert.



Releasing music under both her given name and “recovery girl” Ohio native Galen Tipton soundcloud.com/galentipton has been recognized by the likes of Iggy Pop, David Byrne, Rebecca Black, Adult Swim, Anthony Fantano, 100 Gecs, and Dorian Electra. She has released numerous projects on Orange Milk Records, Deskpop, and Unseelie, and most recently her song “tadpoles lullaby” has gone viral on Tik Tok. in all her work whether it be pop, club, or sound collage her focus is finding the connective tissue between the challenging and the accessible, always with a strong sense of play.


S H E / M A C H I N E soundcloud.com/shevsmachine is a human producer from Italy creating romantic synthetic scores with the help of computers and artificial intelligence. Her style is characterized by lo-fi IDM. Her official debut EP, Ritual, is out for Ghost City Collective. She has made various collaborations during the years with Antistandard Records, Soul Feeder, Sostanze Records, Biodiversità Records. She is part of the music collective VBRA and, since 2020, she is curating a podcast series on No Joke Radio titled OTHER VOICES. EXTRA: Ritual is a 4-tracks journey through machine meditation. An alliance between cyberpunk futuristic technology and the warm imperfections of lo-fi soundscapes created by humans.



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