FAMILY MIXTAPE #11 by c:pala [November 2018]

Artwork by: c:pala

PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS family Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here.

FAMILY MIXTAPE #8, featuring c:pala:  long time PAYNOMINDTOUS collaborator (take a look here, here and here), render guerrilla specialist (take a look here, here and here), half of the 095- 3D artwork masterminds and digital explorers duo (take a look here and here), his second mixtape on our webzine furthers the descent into the world of abstract, emotional electronics. Push the button! [Soundcloud / FB / Instagram / Vimeo].