Track Premiere: ‘babie’ by gone icon [Self-Released]

Artwork by Karina Gevox

gone icon is a producer, singer, and “non-DJ” based in Brussels, Belgium who composes delicate pieces of whispered, processed vocals, struggling melodies, and somber, isolated percussive layers. His first track Nod, a remarkable effort of quiet and eerie ambiance, surfaced almost a year ago shortly followed by the three-tracker, self-released debut EP titled whispers r screams in which the artist showcases the main feature of the project: a wavering, ever-hesitant, at times muffled voice, uttering suffocating laments which resonate in fuzzy, squirming cyber-chambers where one could imagine the artist’s creative and emotive drive would reside.

His work takes inspiration from a range of genres and stimuli that go to define his peculiar style, better described as 2020s state-of-the-art songwriting. gone icon adds to traditional vocal practices and reminiscences of classical music the post-Internet visual and conceptual identity, together with fine sound design and synthesis, and sharp, edgy frequency bursts recovered from the contemporary, deconstructed club scene. In this sense, the artist is sure as inspired by Arca, Eartheater, and Klein (reportedly so) as he is by Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart early works of devastating urgency and their ability to cause unmendable heart lacerations.

Today, we’re honored to premiere his last single called babie, out in two day’s time on April 16th. The composition, taking just over two minutes, opens to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, shortly followed by the vocals introducing the image of a face shrouded in darkness via heartfelt, intimate lyrics. The high-pitched, delicate singing is complemented by rare, dissonant sound components that go to define an unforgettable piece of minimalistic, ethereal, and emotional electronic music. You can stream the track right now on our SoundCloud channel via the player here below. Enjoy!

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