ALMARE ✘ PAYNOMINDTOUS: Sarahsson + Explity Music @ Off Topic | 22/03/24

Artwork by xtrapiccanteultrabusiness [ITA only] Venerdì 22 Marzo a partire dalle 21, PAYNOMINDTOUS e ALMARE presentano nello spazio di Cubo Teatro all’interno di Off Topic a Torino la live performance di Sarahsson ed i live/DJ set del collettivo francesce Explity Music rappresentato da tre delle sue co-fondatrici: Talita Otović, Karlfroye, e KimberlaID. EVENTO FACEBOOK BIGLIETTI […]

Oblinof – V3 EP [PNMTU008] w/ remix by Karlfroye

Artwork by Oblinof Oblinof (he/him) [] is a project born in 2007 in Entre Rios, Argentina, working in multiple artistic disciplines such as video art and animation, 3D printing and sculptures, VR and holograms, and music. The artist’s cutting-edge productions articulate in heavily percussive, multi-layered, club-oriented compositions traducing different influences in a highly energetic, high-bandwidth […]