Track Premiere: ‘The Necromorph 屍變體’ by Yikii [link001, Hyperlink]

Artwork by 0rkid_

Hyperlink is an experimental French label and mix series established around one year ago, focused mainly on club-oriented contemporary electronic music. After the first various artist compilation lilywhite, whose proceeds went to the charity helping women in distress called La Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes, the label is back with its second release, a mini digital comp called link001 which gathers six artists from all around the world.

Reportedly pondering on the possible post-pandemic scenarios that could open in the music industry and how they will affect the underground community on pivotal questions such as social equity, diversity, and inclusion, Hyperlink will try, through this record series, to pave the road for international collaborations between emerging producers and graphic artists, resulting in special works of art.

Curated by label founder and Internet Public Radio resident F̷a̷n̷n̷y̷  and mastered by Ytem, link001 will be out in digital format on September the 24th (the pre-order is already up on Bandcamp at this link). The release collects contributions from artists with different backgrounds and styles, namely Sprælle, Aeoi, KAVARI (click here to support their transition fund), Tristan, KARLFROYE, and Yikii. Our focus today will be on the last artist on the list, as we’re pleased to be curating the premiere of the track called The Necromorph 屍變體, coming on the fourth position on the comp’s tracklist.



Based in China, Yikii is a singer, poet, artist, and music producer who is not bound by any tag genre or style, as she has been consistently meddling with somber piano music, ethereal vocal dirges, cutting-edge sound design, distorted hardcore kick drums, and much more. Her peculiar take on electronic music has been already featured on important labels such as Genome6.66Mbp, Quantum Natives, Unseelie, and Danse Noire, and many more, always showcasing a sleek dichotomy between nightmarish atmospheres and grandiose explosions of energy.

All the flowers bloom together in the darkness, and then all fade away. Despite the darkness, loneliness, and extreme melancholy of the world, music still has the power of healing.

In The Necromorph 屍變體, one can find Yikii at her finest moment of inspiration: destructive obscurity meets with blinding redemption; eerie melodies are enclosed in rhythmic, ruthless parades of distortion; sounds are enveloped in a highly cinematic framework where the listener’s always kept on edge, their tension and anticipation toyed with by an inspired artist who can let on to infantile impulses as well as grown-up damnation. You can stream the track via the player here below, be sure to check the rest of the tracks too!

But first, follow Hyperlink on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Instagram. Follow Yikii on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Bandcamp.



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