Track Premiere: CLL by Shayu [‘Sirens’ VA on EXILES]


Based in Budapest, Hungary, EXILES is among the finest record labels in the field of experimental electronics which has been releasing music of outstanding quality as far back as 2017. After a crazy amount of stunning outings (we counted 18 in 2020 only!), the Hungarian hub is already at its second one for 2021 keeping on with their prolific and essential productions. We’re talking about Sirens, the latest various artists compilation focusing on intense compositions of thick, inventive, and vocal-rich sound experiments, or, as to put it in the label’s own words, on the “sonic exploration of maritime fantasies“.

The album, out later this week, is composed of twenty enticing, vaporous yet explosive tracks gathered in the output of limited-edition tapes featuring artwork by Melinda Doktor (object), Adrienn Császár (typing), and Iza Nagy (photography), with the cassette/digital mastering respectively curated by István Tanka (Direct) and Roland Nagy (Fausto Mercier). The Sirens comp includes the contributions of some of the finest contemporary producers and sound designers in the scene, such as Yuryung Sound Corp co-founder Arexibo, modular synths master Evil Medvěd, extraordinary composer and insanely skilled visual artist DIGITONICA, and Chinabot-affiliated Sabiwa, among others.

Today, we’re glad to be premiering the piece called CLL by Shayu (she/her), appearing on the first side of the tape. Coming on the scenes in 2018 with her debut EP ‘Liang’ on Files Rec, followed the next year by the five-tracker EP ‘All The Way Through’ on the London-based Coyote Records, Shayu is an experimental musician and multimedia artist currently based in Zurich who is reportedly interested in investigating ways of juxtaposing, merging, and morphing abstract sound paintings with concrete soundscapes and a percussive drive.

Shayu’s highly dynamic piece combines a wide range of sounds such as reverberated vocals, piercing percussions, and shattered kickdrums, arrayed in rich textures that craft a complex sound artifact standing somewhere between analog synth ambiance, baroque music, and bass-infused, club-oriented outbursts. In particular, her main inspiration comes from grime’s production techniques which over the years have brought up and developed the unprejudiced taste for layered compositions of various audio sources.

Sirens, out this Sunday (January 24th) is already available for pre-order at this link. Please consider contributing by donating to get this amazing comp; in case you’d need an extra reason to do that, you should know that all digital purchases will be donated to The Women For Women Together Against Violence Association (NANE), a non-profit, non-governmental org established in 1994 with the aim to combat individual, social, and community violence against women and children. Enjoy!

Check out Shayu also on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Also, you can find EXILES on SoundCloud and Instagram, together with their entire catalog.




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