Track Premiere: ‘Hypnopompicx’ by Qeei feat. dvdv [MECHA 03 / TRRUENO]



MECHA03 is the upcoming installment in the MECHA various artist compilation series launched by the multidisciplinary Buenos Aires TRRUENO collective/label in 2016. After the seminal episodes 01 and 02, the Argentinian outcome will publish the third MECHA later this week, on Friday 6th of November, collecting a remarkable 17 tracks from members of the crew (Bungalovv, Candie, Agustin Genoud, MAAY, Astrosuka, who also curated the mastering together with Sofja, and many others) as well as distinguished guests such as Planet Mu affiliated Ziúr, the poetess and performer Cru Encarnação, and the visual artist Emma Pidré, author of the stunning artwork titled “Obsessed with Demons XOXO 2X2X”. 

Reportedly, the main focus of the release is placed on the value of collaborations as a way of gathering and sharing individual outings in pools of collective experiences and sound/visual artifacts. MECHA03 is in fact a rich, multifaceted impression of contemporary culture as seen in the eyes of the label founders and their many associates and friends.




From Astrosuka‘s masterpiece of hardcore unpredictability (EH!?) to the wild percussions and hi-pitched synth stabs brought by Bosque sin Árboles in Sudaka Rave II, going through the laments of a satanic digital hyper-beast in the form of concréte collage summoned by MAAY (Chaotic Adorable Criatura) and all the other contributions, the compilation is a fresh, stunning gem of rhythmic outbreaks, top-of-the-line sound-art, cutting-edge club music, and thoughtful artistic ponderings.

As the world mutates, collective spaces give structure and alchemize grieve.

Today, we’re happy to be premiering the fourth track of the various artist comp, called Hypnopompicx. Spanning for a little over 3 minutes, the piece is the result of the joint effort of producer/drummer/singer Tatiana Heuman, aka Qeei, together with the Berlin-based musician and artist dvdv.

The bouncy composition is built around a minimal, lullaby-like melody that is juxtaposed to eerie bass blasts and crawling noises, arranging for a remarkable cinematic component further enhanced by heartfelt, whispered vocalizations. Make sure you’re not gonna miss this one, as well as all the other 16 MECHA03 components: the comp is already available for pre-order at this link, go check it out!

But first, follow the artists on their SoundCloud [Qeei / dvdv]. Also, check out the brand new TRRUENO’s website.



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