Varvara Festival 2017 “Quattro”, Torino, 24-25-26/08/17

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RECORDING#36: Babau [LIVE] @Psycho River Fest Preview | Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, 27/04/17

Technical File Date / Venue 27/04/2017, Psycho River Fest preview #3 feat. Holy Palms & Babau @Magazzino Sul Po, Turin Info / Links / Recommended Discography Babau: FB page / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Discogs ArteTetra: Website / Bandcamp / FB page ArteTetra is a tape label founded by Babau and based between Bologna and Potenza Picena. The releases mostly […]

ONGAPALOOZA a Torino | Magazzino sul Po, 17/12/16

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE! ONGAPALOOZA – 10 Years of Boring Machines is BM’s itinerant music festival, conceived to celebrate the Treviso-based label foundation, happened on a rainy day back in 2006. More then 70 records have been published in its first decade, making Boring Machines one of the most enduring Italian outcomes. The […]