ONGAPALOOZA a Torino | Magazzino sul Po, 17/12/16


ONGAPALOOZA – 10 Years of Boring Machines is BM’s itinerant music festival, conceived to celebrate the Treviso-based label foundation, happened on a rainy day back in 2006. More then 70 records have been published in its first decade, making Boring Machines one of the most enduring Italian outcomes. The 10th anniversary have already been celebrated in Rome (Circolo Dal Verme), S.Martino Spino (Musica nelle Valli), Berlin (West Germany), Milan (Santeria). The videoreport we present today refers to the very last ONGAPALOOZA party that took place in Turin December the 17th in Turin, at Magazzino sul Po [FB Event].

The line up featured:

  • Luca Garino DJ-SET [Canti Magnetici, Details Sound] – Luca Garino is a Turin-based sound-artist, label-manager [la délirante], and a tireless supporter for the most experimental sides of music, curating many live gigs and performances in town; his main musical projects, other than the solo activity, were Blind Beast, Malaria POP, the unforgettable how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?, Psalm’n’Locker, staged live together with Rella The Woodcutter, and the long defunct AHV; right here below you can listen to our RECORDING#15, referring to 1-hour-long DJset developing an ever-boring mixture of noise, musique concrète, sound poetry and field recordings, recorded back in September 2016;

  • Everest Magma LIVE [Rella the Woodcutter, Boring Machines] – EM is a multi-shaped, puzzling musical project based on old keyboards, guitar pedal effects,  unhinged beats, deranged loops and transcendent vocals; Everest Magma presents an almost danceable mixture of collapsing sounds resembling some ancient fire cult ritual; he already released two records on Boring Machines, called ‘Modern/Antique’ and ‘Gnosis’ [to read our exclusive interview click here];

  • La Piramide di Sangue LIVE [Sound of Cobra, Dischi della Piramide, Boring Machines] – La Piramide di Sangue is a Turin-based, Italian psychedelic ensemble featuring two guitars, two basses, synths, drums and a clarinet, thought as the live upscaling of Gianni Gianni Giublena Rosacroce project (born itself as Movie Star Junkies‘ singer Stefano’s solo moniker); La Piramide di Sangue tastes like mediterranean folklore and hot-flavoured tea, looking at the South-East lands from the top of Turin’s Mole Antonelliana; the summoned psychedelic journeys are eventful parades of sandy rhythms, meditative sounds and clarinet scrollworks; the ensemble published on BM / Sound of Cobra ‘Tebe’ and ‘Sette’;
  • Satan is my Brother LIVE [Boring Machines] – Satan is my Brother is a 4-piece band from Milan, Italy, playing hypnotic mixtures of noise, jazz and electronic music, painted in deep black hues, with odd sax and trombone melodies surfacing the sea of dejected electronic effects and malevolent basslines; Satan is my Brother released three records on Boring Machines, called ‘SIMB’, ‘A Forest Dark’ and ‘They Made us Climb Up Here’, each of which was thought to be performed live as the scoring of a dedicated medium-length film;
  • Von Tesla LIVE [Enklav, Boring Machines] – Von Tesla is one of the most talented and futuristic electronic music producers in Italy; coming from Treviso, Italy, he started releasing music as Be Invisible Now! in 2002; his 2007 Neutrino album was the second overall work on Boring Machines, and hosted the kosmische experiments that proceeded until 2011  via various splits and collaborations such as BIN / Expo ’70 and Be Maledetto Now (together with With Love and Squadra Omega’s Nihil is Me); then, under the new Von Tesla alias, he self-released the limited-edition, 64-minutes-long Mondo Parallel record presented through a non-stop live streaming djset that lasted one entire night: Mondo Parallel was followed by ‘Black Mirror’ on Claudio Rocchetti’s Tulip Records, ‘Raised By Clear Acid’ on Onga’s Boring Machines, ‘Providing Needles’ & ‘Farewell is a Building’ on the Venice-based hi-tech label Enklav; 2016 was a particularly fecund year for Von Tesla and you can take a quick look at it by following our GUESTMIX#10 link, featuring 1-hour-long killer selection you shouldn’t miss for no reason;

  • OvO LIVE [Bar La Muerte, Supernatural Cat, NO=FI Recordings, DioDrone] – OvO is one of the most powerful and shocking live bands that has been touring Italian and European stages over the last ten (and more) years; Bruno Dorella and Stefania ‘Alos’ Pedretti started OvO in early 00’s releasing their early stuff on Dorella’s own imprint Bar La Muerte, listed among the most important influences by BM’s legendary founder Onga; for the special Ongapalooza occasion, the dangerous duo presented on stage their last effort published on the Florence-based label Dio Drone, called ‘Creatura’;


We also provided video documents for the 2nd and the 4th Ongapalooza editions:

  • ONGAPALOOZA – Musica Nelle Valli #17: featuring Father Murphy, MOOD, Bad Girl, Everest Magma, P A S S E D, My Dear Killer, Be My Delay, Metro Crowd, Sammartano, Holiday Inn, Mai Mai Mai, Fulkanelli, Above the Tree & E-Side;
  • ONGAPALOOZA a Milano: featuring Everest Magma, Satan is my Brother, Simon Balestrazzi, Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-or, Mai Mai Mai;


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