RECORDING#44: Filtro [LIVE] @Bologna Elettrica, 14/04/18

Pic by Luca Ghedini Technical File Date / Venue 14/04/2018, Bologna Elettrica – Seconda Edizione, Bologna, Italy Info / Links Filtro: FB / Discogs Riflesso [Upside Down Recordings, 2017] / Materia [DOKURO, 2018] Filtro is a project born from the minds of Angelo Bignamini [The Great Saunites] and Luca De Biasi [Satantango]. The duo focuses on DIY experimental […]

RECORDING#41: Paul Beauchamp & Claudio Rocchetti | Sublime Grove 00 [LIVE], Turin, 07/09/17

Technical File Date / Venue 07/09/2017, Claudio Rocchetti / Paul Beauchamp Live at Unione Culturale Franco Antonicelli, Turin, Italy Info / Links Claudio Rocchetti: Website / FB / Bandcamp / Discogs Paul Beauchamp: FB / Bandcamp / Discogs Claudio Rocchetti is one of the most active European Avant musicians of the last half-decade. Apart from his main […]

RECORDING#36: Babau [LIVE] @Psycho River Fest Preview | Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, 27/04/17

Technical File Date / Venue 27/04/2017, Psycho River Fest preview #3 feat. Holy Palms & Babau @Magazzino Sul Po, Turin Info / Links / Recommended Discography Babau: FB page / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Discogs ArteTetra: Website / Bandcamp / FB page ArteTetra is a tape label founded by Babau and based between Bologna and Potenza Picena. The releases mostly […]

RECORDING#32: Virtual Forest [LIVE @Progetto Mayhem, Torino, 25/02/17]

Technical File Date / Venue 25 February 2017, Virtual Forest LIVE + Andrea Marini DJSET @Progetto Mayhem, Turin, Italy Info / Links FB / Discogs Virtual Forest is the mystic solo project of Marco Bernacchia [also active in MAZCA.2, ABOVEtheTREE and Stregoni]. His masterpieces Unconscious Cognition Is The Processing Of Perception [2015] and Ritual Machine Music [2016] were released on the Bologna-based YEREVAN […]

RECORDING#27: Frank Found [LIVE @HØLE Club 1st Anniversary, Verona, Italy, 17/12/16]

Technical File Date / Venue December the 17th, HØLE Club: Dasha Rush, Korridor live – 1st Anniversary, HØLE Club, Verona, Italy Info / Links Soundcloud / FB / YouTube Frank Found is the alias for the Italian artist Daniele Lucà. The project, born in 2013, is mainly focused on the live performance, both on stage […]

RECORDING#26: Sick Sciences [LIVE @Dopo, niente | re:hub, 15/12/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: December the 15th, Dopo, niente // 15 dicembre, re:hub, Baronissi, Salerno, Italy Info / Links: Soundcloud / Körper Leib Sick Sciences are the Aaron Rumore [Körper / Leib’s founder, also half of Radford Electronics] + Stefano Costanzo [Tricatiempo] duo, playing unconstrained music. They play respectively the guitar – without the […]

Nicola Tirabasso & Skag Arcade live at Rhinoceropolis [Denver, CO, USA]

Today we’re so glad to present you the first entries on our RECORDING column which have not been taken on Italian ground. The occasion couldn’t be any special, being the two artists among the most engaging ones in the current Italian experimental / noise scene, and considering that the second entire set refers to a […]