RECORDING#26: Sick Sciences [LIVE @Dopo, niente | re:hub, 15/12/16]

Technical File

Date / Venue:

December the 15th, Dopo, niente // 15 dicembre, re:hub, Baronissi, Salerno, Italy

Info / Links:

Soundcloud / Körper Leib

Sick Sciences are the Aaron Rumore [Körper / Leib’s founder, also half of Radford Electronics] + Stefano Costanzo [Tricatiempo] duo, playing unconstrained music. They play respectively the guitar – without the usage of any pedal or effects – and the drums, expressing poisonous bursts of free, threacherous noise, as dangerous as a weapon. guitar and drums. no effects, no pedals, just timbres.

This audio file refers to the ‘Dopo, niente’ night that took place in Baronissi, Salerno, Italy on December the 15th at re:hub, hosted by ACETO. The line up also featured Inviluppo [Nastro, Cascao & Lady Maru] and Bad Girl [Dio Drone].

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Guitar (Aaron Rumore) Drums (Stefano Costanzo)