RECORDING#27: Frank Found [LIVE @HØLE Club 1st Anniversary, Verona, Italy, 17/12/16]

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December the 17th, HØLE Club: Dasha Rush, Korridor live – 1st Anniversary, HØLE Club, Verona, Italy

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Frank Found is the alias for the Italian artist Daniele Lucà. The project, born in 2013, is mainly focused on the live performance, both on stage and in the studio, which consists of intricated modular synth patterns and analog machines activated to construct an intense and sonorous musical tour-de-force, best to be experienced on the dancefloor.

Recommended Discography

  • Lab Works EP [Blattodea, Aug. 2016] – We strongly recommend you this 4-tracks EP published by the Naples-based Blattodea Records, an aggressive label promoting both raw industrial techno and harsh power electronics; mastered by Giorgio Cerrato;

  • Mistaken EP [Monocode, Feb. 2016] – “Deep in the mountains of rural West Virginia lies the largest steerable radio telescope on Earth. This telescope scans for radio signals emitted by solar cataclysms — or from extraterrestrials— in the fathomless expanse of space. “Mistaken” by Frank Found is ignited by the possibility of these returning signals. Produced live using modular synthesizers and analog drum machines, “Mistaken” takes you on a journey as sounds undergo an otherworldly evolution from beginning to end. Infernal or misunderstood, these alien signals evoke a wrath of distortion and relentless poundings of heavy kicks wreak havoc on any sound system. Be prepared. You have been warned”;


Elektron Octatrack Elektron Analog Rytm Modular Eurorack System Cathedral Reverb Memory Man DelayMicrophone

Video / Extra

  • Here’s a video excerpt out of Frank Found’s live set at @HØLE Club, Verona, 26/11/2016, which does not refer to the live performance available as RECORDING #27, but it certainly gives an idea of the producer’s skills on stage (to see the whole video report click here) ;
  • The next appointment at HØLE Club is on January the 28th 2017, featuring Alexey Volkov, I Hate Models, Giordanø and Frank Found again;


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