Track Premiere: Arca – KLK (Miss Jay Re-Drum) from ‘CLUB TOOLS 2’

Miss Jay is the moniker of the Bucharest-born, Milan-based producer and DJ Ioana Boaje specialized in hybrid club music and dancefloor anthems. Her name must surely ring a bell to our readers, as we recently hosted her on our mix series (GUESTMIX#69) as well as inside our debut, 27-track compilation WE NEVER WILL with her stunner track called need m3.

As crazy as it has been for all of us, with the perspective of going back to pre-covid lives as slim as it can be (let alone the thought of entering a club again), 2020 has been a crucial year for Miss Jay – starting from the CLUB TOOLS and Blend packs, going through the WWE-inspired Brothers of Destruction single, all the way to the Distorted Reality EP on Ashida Park and her first sample pack. Sliding into 2021, her creativity and inspiration steadily go further with the release of a second collection of club bangers, namely CLUB TOOLS 2, putting together a multitude of original compositions and edits.

Releasing March 5th on Bandcamp (yes, it’s one of those Fridays!), CLUB TOOLS 2 is composed of 11 + 2 bonus tracks ranging from 98 to 170 BPM, ready for every DJ to be played, whether they’re focused on grime and other urban rhythms (Gut Feeling, Ain’t Equal), hard club episodes (1 2 Rave), witch house reminiscences (the opening track), or hunting for the latest crazy rework (the edit of Clams Casino’s Blast). In case you wanna get your hands on this release already, be sure to check this link and pre-order your digital copy!

Today, we’re happy to present you the fourth track from the list: a drum-reprogrammed, unrelentless edit of Arca and Rosalía’s KLK, taken from their latest album Kick I. As constantly carried out throughout her prolific activity, Miss Jay skillfully administers the energy flows on the dancefloor (whether real or virtual) to always keep the listener/dancer on the edge, while never renouncing the richness of the composition. Push the button!

But first, follow Miss Jay on Soundcloud, Instagram, and support her once again on Bandcamp.



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