RECORDING#6: Everest Magma [LIVE @Musica Nelle Valli #17 #ONGAPALOOZA, Barcsòn Vècc, 28/05/16]

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28 May 2016, Musica Nelle Valli #17 – #ONGAPALOOZA [10 Years of Boring Machines] @ Barcsòn Vècc, Via Zanzur 36/B, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy

Info / Links:

Everest Magma / Rella the Woodcutter / Eternal Zio

Taken from Boring Machines BM059‘s statement: “Everest Magma is the latest incarnation of the hypher-profilic man behind Rella the Woodcutter, that has already a number of releases on our label. In recent years he put aside his pshych-folk attitude and put his hands on a bunch of machines, tape recorders and pedal effects. Recorded in the solitary Summer of 2014, while all the neighborhood was on vacation, Modern / Antique is the first set of tracks of the multifaceted spectrum of sounds he was willing to study. Raw loops of almost broken circuitry, semi-danceable beats are sometimes interrupted by more meditative and spacey moments or disturbed by stretched and unintelligible vocals. Modern/Antique is released in 300 units of black vynil, sleeves printed by Legno.” Another Everest Magma record is coming later on this year on Boring Machines. Stay tuned!

“The Everest Magma show was very touching: the Barcsòn Vècc venue, softly illuminated by the sun, was the perfect scenario for the dreamy and noisy live set. The profound inner sensibility of Rella pops out with the same intensity throughout EM compositions, whose shift of language – moving from a minimal blues/psych songwriting in favour of a machines-driven experience – leaves unchanged the dominant role of the vocals in form of samples and non-sense phrases.”


• Roland Sp 404 • Yamaha Porta Sound Ps 300 • Zoom Rt 234 • Boss Rv 3 • Hardwire Dl-8 • Tc Helicon Voicetone


The Everest Magma live we recorded took place at Barcson Vecc, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy, in the second day of the Musica Nelle Valli Festival, reaching its #17 edition. Each artist had half an hour to perform his live set. To see the video-report for Day 2, click here. To read the full report: here.



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