RECORDING#44: Filtro [LIVE] @Bologna Elettrica, 14/04/18

Pic by Luca Ghedini

Technical File

Date / Venue

14/04/2018, Bologna Elettrica – Seconda Edizione, Bologna, Italy

Info / Links

Filtro: FBDiscogs

Riflesso [Upside Down Recordings, 2017] / Materia [DOKURO, 2018]

Filtro is a project born from the minds of Angelo Bignamini [The Great Saunites] and Luca De Biasi [Satantango]. The duo focuses on DIY experimental music and improvisation. Occult loops from outer dimensions warp around the listener together with sound cuts, creaks, liquid tremblings, creating hallucinogenic and muffled electro-acoustic landscapes with the aid of modular synthesizers and tapes.


• Modular synthesizer • Tape recorders • Homemade envelope filter pedal • Stereo delay • Oscillators • Contact mic • Short wave radio • Delay • Dual lfo • Adsr