Listen to ‘Tell It All’ by Video Duct out on Maple Death Records

Artwork by: Giulia Mazza

We’re glad to be back with our review / premiere section again with one of our favourites Italian labels at the moment, Maple Death Records. Today is time for throbbing bass lines, hissing snares and rotten, dub-infused punk just like the PiL way – Rotten indeed, did you get it?. …Well, except for the fact that the main character here is 18 yo, comes from Missouri and he’s been dropping any arty presumtions along the way. Listen for yourselves an excerpt out of the 50-minutes-long Small Pets And Kitchenettes tape the youngster Video Duct is about to release on MDR, namely the opening track called Tell It All, which does pretty much tell a lot about the whole record: you’ve been warned!

Free fallin’ as a deranged way of life, drop, drop until the true essence is what is left on the floor. That’s what our everlasting daily search is all about, right folks!?

As the guys over at Maple Death Records stated themselves, it’s always important to pee(p) into the unknown – which in this particular occasion is nothing but the endless, threatening, and chaotic void recorded on Small Pets And Kitchenettes with nothing but a bunch of guitars, pedals and rusty vocals. Video Duct’s MDR debut has been created, executed and 8-track recorded by the American teenager Kelly Ribiat in a home studio over in Goleta, California he was then forced to leave to head back to Missouri (his birth place), where he finished recording it for good. Small Pets And Kitchenettes is a deranged collection of raging and throath-cutting breakdowns, pulsating, no wave inspired bass riffs, dub reverbs, and tranquilizers, all wrapped up in escapeless vocal schizofrenia. To this extent, we feel the true masterpiece of the tape is Bus Accident, a track that unfortunatelly you’d get the chance to listen only purchasing the tape over here, for a mere 6€ fee. However, Tell It All can very well introduce you to Kelly’s stunning music production that gets as much references from arty UK post-punk scene, anphetamine-powered US early psych and garage rock, dionysiac acts such as The Birthday Party, and the disruptive attitude typical of American hardcore punk. If you consider all this multi-layered, complex and at the same time visceral, urgent stuff comes from a guy that age, you’d probably realize how talented Video Duct is and just how much you cannot afford to lose the opportunity to get the damn tape.

Video Duct’s ‘Small Pets And Kitchenettes is a limited C50 acid brown tape, hand assembled and stamped featuring artwork by Giulia Mazza. Support Maple Death Records on Facebook right here and order your own copy clicking this link. 


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