Track Premiere: Goldra (feat. MRTRY) by Kuthi Jinani on Bio Future Laboratory

Artwork by liara t’soni


Kuthi Jinani is the obscure, occult sci-fi project of the Milan-based youngster Giancarlo Brambilla, taking inspiration and sound material from post-rave scenarios, concrète sampling and a peculiar and funny research into organic nature, deep-web contents and bass music. Started in 2016, KJ released its first EP on the Italian Beat Machine records the following year, gathering a bunch of jungle tunes whose bodies seem had been decomposed by the wicked actions of a fluvial god. Pretty much the same deranged operations have been later conducted on original tracks by Beta Tyrant ad Tropical Interface whose reworks appeared here and here, respectively. Right after Swamp Playground on the Italian outcome (January), and Dishabitats out for the Prague-based BCAAsystem label (May), Kuthi reaches its third outing this year with Shoal Strife, released by the Eco Futurism Corporation‘s sub-label called Bio Future Laboratory, a track of which we are very glad to present you today, featuring MRTRY. Built around an idea of conflict (strife, indeed), interaction, and integration between “natural” and “human”, the record highlights the most tribal, ritual aspects of the issue rather than the post-human subject starring the previous works.

Kuthi Jinani, who has been very active in the current experimental electronic scene (which thrives and flourish on Soundcloud and Bandcamp so much that it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the artists, communities, content creators, and labels emerging worldwide), is a long-time collaborator, friend and sound designer of the Italian label called, founded by Gianluca Lonigro (who we had the pleasure to host last week) and which is responsible for some of the most interesting pieces of music coming from the Northern Italian region. Kuthi released the reeking sound collages known as Swamp Playground on Heel last January, exploring the possibilities offered by software to compose distorted track bodies, polluted effects and gargling bursts. Featuring with 4 original tracks and 3 remixes by wac©, Krolik, and Avbvrn, Shoal Strifes keeps some aspects of the aforementioned record but expands on violence and distortion (something he’s been investigating also with his other moniker, dJ CanNE GrOSSE).

Shoal Strifes tells the tale of the single human fighting both the Beast / Nature, and its very own kind coming against him/her built up with hate, rage, and fear ready to be manipulated by the nearest fascist politician. First, Abandoned Gear describes the process of getting again control over one’s own physical and psychological tools as the first means of squaring off with its fellow man/woman: mauling, tearing apart, chomping your way off through the flesh. Pyrosome tells of the moment right after the initial clash when the pieces have still to be collected, and strength gathered back before the next assault – the last one: Goldra, featuring MRTRY [Infinite Machine, Ukraine], is the final report of the battle that has left no winners. Regalecidi, the fourth original track before the remixes part, offers a glimpse of the aftermath of the battle: the wounded animal (namely, the Human) hobbling on the rocks by the beach at dusk, the water crawling with dark algae and gigantic creatures. This epic scene depicts an exhausted individual acquiring awareness over death and the eternal cycle of conflict (strife, again) hanging over its neck, and ultimately surrendering to the wave sucking it back to the well-known lifetime-long struggle.

You can pre-order the EP at this link, due to be released Thursday, June the 21st. All the tracks have been written and produced in 2017 and mastered by Matthias Girardi. Support Bio Future Laboratory and Kuthi Jinani here and here. Also, take a look at Kuthi’s Bandcamp account. Push the button!



1.Abandoned Gear
3.Goldra feat. MRTRY
5.Abandoned Gear (wac© Remix)
6.Goldra (Krolik Remix)
7.Regalecidi (Avbvrn Remix)



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