RECORDING#34: DJ Balli [DJSET] @Radio Blackout x Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, 08/04/17

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08 April 2017, ♡PUMP the BEATS ! presentazione del libro Kernel Panik + LIVE SET @ Cavallerizza Reale, Turin

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Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, artistic, intellectual, post-organic, vegetative, stress-relieving, experimental, extraordinary. All these adjectives are often applied to electronic music, with SONIC BELLIGERANZA records things are different” [via].


Dj Balli [is the] founder of the Italian label “Sonic Belligeranza” and of its two subdivision + Belligeranza and – Belligeranza that mirrors his musical interests as dj and producer in the field of break-core, experimental turntablism and extreme noise. In addition to his various releases on his own label and subs, he has been producing audio for Peace Off, Cavage, Invasion Wreck Chords, Intellectual Violence, Antifaf, Amoeba, MusikMekanikCirkus, the Australia-based Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society and the Chinese Shanshui records and Deaf Blind Dumb School” [via].


Recommended Discography

  •  DJ Balli & Mu B – Serious And Comical Investigations At Around 333 bpm ‎[Sonic Belligeranza, Sept. 2000, 12″] – “All tracks duration 3 minutes 33 seconds, intertracks duration 33 seconds 3 cents of a second, all frequencies cut at 33.3 hertz, beats reaching the peak of 333 bpm and, of course, 33 ⅓ rpm. Full of numerological obsessions, the lp is divided into Serious side, experimental break-core, furious industrial drum’n’bass; and Comical side, art/speed-core. Samples come from the cult Hammer House of Horror movie “The Devil Rides Out” (Fisher, 1968) and from “Salò, o le 120 giornate di Sodoma” (Pasolini, 1975)“;

  • DJ Balli – Straight​-​Edge Rastafari Manifesto [Sonic Belligeranza, Nov. 2003] – “What??? A Rastafari painting crosses on his hands!!! And then a Straight-Edge doing weed?!?! Mirror to this oxymoron the sound of S.B.04 an extravaganza clash between mid-tempo industrial breaks, powerfull ragga riddims, and Bolognese polka. Hey, don’t forget the 8 round bonus of Bolognese polka-core included in the vinyl!!! DEDICATED TO FRANCO BALLI”;

  • DJ Balli – Boyscout-Raves Must Die! [Sonic Belligeranza, June 2007] – “Around the fire, Ravers and Boyscouts gather at sunset to listen to music VERY different from the innovative breaks, the stupid-step and the out of tempo amen contained in this ep. Ravers ain’t nothing but the other side of the coin of Boyscouts, they both go to the wood and follow Crystian Distortion………………Let’s kick them both with the soundz!”;

  • Rancid Opera – Azionismo Bolognese in Rap by Rancid Opera [​-​ Belligeranza, October 2016] – “Directly from the rotten corpse of opera music, MC PavaRotten, MC DominGORE, and MC CarreAXE present this 4 tracker of putrid horror-core, blending Bel Canto, Death-Rap and Italian Gore movies. You’d better learn Italian to understand our putrid libretto, if not you find attached in the vinyl an English version of the Rancid Opera. BLEAHHHHH”;


Recommended Readings

Riccardo Balli, other than djing, producing and releasing music on his labels is also a very devoted and fine writer; here are his publications:

  • Anche tu Astronauta [1998, Castelvecchi Editore, Italian Only] – An independent guide to a journey into space according to the Autonomous Astronauts Association;
  • Apocalypso disco [2013, Agenzia X, Italian only] – The book investigates the mutual interconnections between the dancefloor, noise, and politics. At the end of the 1980s, techno music determined a viral macro-code affirmation to spread and reach several thousand of young people; in the following 20 years, somethings of a nuclear fission happened to split the infection over separated currents such as breakcore, 8-bit music, gabber, mashup, goa-trance, mutant, and much more, a so-complex young culture situation that is almost impossible to explore and report about. The book takes into account the musical and social post-rave implications via oral tales, remixed literature, and lots of interviews to its main characters. The focus is on the mechanisms that caused the birth of extremes positions, the formation of peculiar sonic-assault squads and the new ways to sustain life: speedcore, psytrance communities, c8.c0m, chiptune music, Elevate Festival. A whole cauldron of noises, ideas, and agitations whose across-the-board, bastard sound has been called Apocalypso disco;
  • Frankenstein goes to Hollywood [2016, Agenzia X, Italian only] – This is a prank-essay gathering a huge amount of anecdotes, facts, and rumor about the mash-up practices typical of a lot of musical experimental underground genres. Paraphrasing Vittore Baroni’s introductive words to the book: modern, post-organic and vegetative are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe electronic music by self-called intellectuals in order to make it fit better and curb it into the profit-driven market logics; to really catch reality’s essence, instead, intrepid experimenters are needed, such as Riccardo Balli indeed, a true sonic underground hero. Frankenstein goes to holocaust exploits literature cut-ups put inside a weird mirror game with the notorious Mary Shelley’s masterpiece to navigate into the realm of a sonic Frankenstein, sewn out of John Oswald, K.L.F., Negativland, horrorcore, witch house, black midi, vaporwave, and 8-bit music pieces;




  • We also had the chance to shoot DJ Balli’s show at Vinyl Resistance @FOA Boccaccio, March 2017; to see the full video report, also featuring A034, Pablito el Drito, Christopth Fringeli, Lynx, Psychic Defence, and Methackus click here; check right here below to see the two recorded clips. Enjoy! Support Sonic Belligeranza!


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