RECORDING#22: Ottaven [LIVE @Circolo Arci Fanfulla, Roma, 18/11/16]


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18 November 2016, Ensemble Economique / Jung An Tagen / Ottaven @ Fanfulla 5/a – Circolo Arci, Rome, Italy

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Ottaven is the solo project of Canedicoda, active with the idea of “impro” since 2003. He was former member of bands as With Love, WW, Lago Morto, Nastro Mortal, and currently active playing in Primorje and Arbre du Ténéré. Ottaven’s sound is made by minimal sounds, poor electronics, spurious rhythms, fragrant loops, field recordings, voices and objects. Improvised compositions that go drifting up to get stuck in the interludes of their exhaustion developing new immaginary landscapes and time-space introspective and relaxing areas [via]

“Ottaven is the name i chose for my close relation with the sound. The music is sound – or silence – carring feelings. The sound is physic, medium of messages and meanings. I think is important to be able of being repetitive, digging into our actions. With my music i try to narrate you something about my sense linked to an idea of focus and improvisation [via]

“Canedicoda is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in music, performance, fashion and design. He has developed a rich, personally distinctive universe that is constantly changing but always immediately recognisable. A pivotal figure bringing and spreading to Italy several innovative and liminal currents of artistic, stylistic and musical pursuit (we recall, among others, his Piattaforma Fantastica), his experience includes a vast number of projects in cooperation with record labels, non-profit spaces, groups and individual artists both in Italy and beyond. Canedicoda has conducted his own personal research into language, style and method since 2003, working with Marsèll and Marsèlleria, Netmage Festival, Live Arts Week, Le Dictateur, Plusdesign Gallery, C2C, Istituto Svizzero, Holiday Records, Bonotto and Fondazione Bonotto, NERO magazine, Carhartt, Adidas, Dumb Skateboards and other various entities” [via]

Recommended solo discography:

    • His last release Sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali #1 tells of the fascination with the research for visible sounds that try to stimulate a personal vision or a dream. All the material comes from free improvisations recorded in Palermo in two spring sessions of about 10 days (from 20 June to 30 June 2015 and 9 to 19 July 2016);

    • Poliopia; Jamming @ Hotel Pupik / Austria, a recording session per day from 30.07.2014 to 05.08.2014;

    • The 12” split vinyl released in Spring 2012 for Sonic Belligeranza/POMO fully grasps the spirit of the project with two long elaborate compositions written by 3 of the best and most eclectic Italian visual artists. Dea by Ottaven, creative moniker of the great Canedicoda and the track Ritorneranno dal cielo by the amazing groundbreaking duo Dr. Pira & 108, alias Aquarius Omega. With the first song, you delve into a visionary drone, which through psychedelic additives takes you close to the spiritual side of divinity; whereas with the second track, you find yourself in a highly imaginative spacesynth suite in an Alan Parsons Project style directed by Stanley Kubrick, which grasps the scientific infinite that the man attempts to shape;



• Selfphone • 2 Mixer • RC30 Loopstation • Line6DL4 • Bugbrand PTdelay Bugbrand DRM1


  • This audio was recorded in Rome by Carlo Cimmino: here you can browse his YouTube channel, while here you’ll find also some other live sets to be listened to, straight out of his huge archive;
  • Other than RECORDING#21, Carlo Cimmino already contributed to our column with RECORDING#7 by Metzengerstein, RECORDING#8 by Trans Upper Egypt, RECORDING#10 by Balance, RECORDING#11 by Trouble vs Glue, RECORDING#16 by Luminance Ratio, RECORDING#17 by Stereocilia, RECORDING#20 by Roberto Begini and many others to come;




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