Due giorni al Dal Verme, Roma, 28 e 30 Dicembre 2016

28/12: C_C, Cadaver Mike, Mario Gabola 30/12: Asian Women on the Telephone   Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of […]

RECORDING#8: Trans Upper Egypt [LIVE @Circolo DalVerme, Rome, 18/06/2016]

Technical File Date / Venue: 18 June 2016, FESTA di Chiusura Stagione – con Trouble vs Glue e TRANS UPPER EGYPT @ Circolo Arci DalVerme, Via Luchino Dal Verme 8, Pigneto, Rome, Italy Info / Links: Discogs / Bandcamp / FB Page Leo Non [vocals, keyboard], Simone Donadini [drums] and Bob Junior [bass guitar] are the members of the Rome-based trio named […]