RECORDING#8: Trans Upper Egypt [LIVE @Circolo DalVerme, Rome, 18/06/2016]

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18 June 2016, FESTA di Chiusura Stagione – con Trouble vs Glue e TRANS UPPER EGYPT @ Circolo Arci DalVerme, Via Luchino Dal Verme 8, Pigneto, Rome, Italy

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Leo Non [vocals, keyboard], Simone Donadini [drums] and Bob Junior [bass guitar] are the members of the Rome-based trio named Trans Upper Egypt. The band has been releasing since 2011 with their first 7″ on Wort Records, and the three following albums on Monofous Press [North African Berserk, 2012 / Trans Upper Egypt, 2014] and My Own Private Records [Trans Upper Egypt, 2013], founded in 2012 by Bob Junior himself. They appeared also on the infamous Borgata Boredom compilation, out on No=Fi Recordings in 2011, stating themselves as one of the most important exponents of “the sound of Roma Est”. If we are to name some musical genres for the band, then the most accurate labels for their psychedelic sound are the ones reported on their bandcamp portal: trance, afro beat, idol. Discover yourself what they could possibly mean. Enjoy and share!


  • This recording is the second one done by Carlo Cimmino and kindly sent to us to be released. Carlo’s been documenting the Roman music scene for ages now. Here you can browse his YouTube channel, and here find some other recordings done by him. All our gratitude goes to Carlo, and we catch this particular occasion to invite you all to contribute to our Recordings section. Let’s build an huge archive together!


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