RECORDING#7: Metzengerstein – Improvvisazione 4 [LIVE @Circolo Arci Fanfulla, Rome, 16/06/2016]

Technical File

Date / Venue:

16 June 2016, Ritalin WAVES – Psychonight feat. Metzengerstein & Stespherx! @ Circolo Arci Fanfulla, Via Fanfulla da Lodi 5/a 00176, Rome, Italy

Info / Links:

Bandcamp / FB Page / Vimeo / Soundcloud

The recording here presented refers to the fully-improvised show of the trio at Circolo Arci Fanfulla in Rome the last 16th of June. “Metzengerstein is a Tuscany-based trio formed by members of art collective Ambient-Noise Session who has their debut tape Albero Specchio released by Expo 70 Justin Wright’s Sonic Meditations back in 2013 (and recently re-releases on wax by Italian imprint HARSH)” []. On their bandcamp portal it’s possible to find four different releases, each one of them focusing on the possibility to “convey primordial and mystical feelings, wisely manipulating the tools of kraut rock, space rock and psychedelia.” Have fun browsing and listening to them, it’s completely worth the effort. Support!


• Korg MS-10 • Crumar Performer • Korg VC-10 • Trumpet • Organetto • Tapes • Kalimba • Vocals • Gong • Effects


  • This recording is the first – and surely not the last one – done by Carlo Cimmino and kindly sent to us to be released. Carlo’s been documenting the Roman music scene for ages now. Here you can browse his YouTube channel, and here find some other recordings done by him. All our gratitude goes to Carlo, and we catch this particular occasion to invite you all to contribute to our Recordings section. Let’s build an huge archive together! [To see a videoclip of the night, click here and get redirected to Carlo’s YouTube Channel]

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