RECORDING#42: Mace. [Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing DJSET] @Colorificio Kroen | Path Festival, Verona, 14/10/17

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Date / Venue

14/10/2017, Path festival | Day 2 afterparty, Verona, Italy

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Mace. : FB / Soundcloud / Discogs

“Mace. is the solo project of italian producer Enrico Cesaro and it’s been active since 2013 with releases in labels such as Further Records, Lux Rec, Veleno Viola and angoisse. Having a degree in economics, Mace. serves as Enrico’s outlet for a dystopian interpretation of world economics and its inevitable effects. Further departing from both the cyberpunk waves of ‘Splendore Finanziario’ (Veleno Viola, 2015) and the industrial leaning technoeconomics of ‘Four Things Everyone Will Be Talking About Today’ (Lux Rec, 2016), Mace.’s new work, ‘Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing’ on angoisse (an ever-exploratory label and publishing house based in Barcelona) is marked by a shining blend of disconnected rhythms, undecipherable and synthetic cut up vocals, and a sentiment of mutation in the emotional perception of present and future world economy. The atmosphere has changed; the dirtyness and rawness of previous releases makes now way for a deeper exploration of the emotive and abstract mechanics that control the fintech scenario” [via]


  • Stay tuned for our Path Festival video report will be uploaded soon on our YouTube channel!
  • Latest Mace.’s effort, called Life, Intelligence, Joy, Breathing. (cassette, 21 minutes), can be purchased and streamed at this link, via Angoisse label’s bandcamp portal: