RECORDING#39: Osiris b2b Sonia Garcia [DJSET] @PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2 | Bunker, 09/06/17

Technical File

Date / Venue

09/06/2017, PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2: Future Paths | Bunker, Turin

Info / Links

Osiris: FB / Mixcloud

Sonia Garcia: FB

We’re happy to share with you the last hour and a half out of the Osiris and Sonia Garcia djset at Bunker, Turin, inside our PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2 focused on the future sounds and influences that are being incoporated into electronic music, worldwide. The previously unheard back2back Osiris / Sonia Garcia combo takes UK hardcore dancefloor music contaminating it with urban latino rhythms such as reggaeton, triple paso, cumbias villeras, and much more. Have fun!


  • See the full PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2: Future Paths report following the link below; also featuring Xen Stream (DJSET) and Von Tesla (LIVE):
  • Right here you can hear and read about our first mixtape ever uploaded on our Mixcloud Channel, called THREAT#1: Hooligan Rufftapez Vol. I (side B) and recorded by Osiris himself. Find attached a short tale written by Osiris too: “You’re not that crazy lad you were before. Sad to admit, but so it is. You’ll never experience those sensations, those emotions again. You sink your hands in the cardbox full of stuff and every single item carries the most beautiful memories. The best days of your life. The freest, you never had worries nor responsibilities. Flyers, tees, posters, invitations, membership cards, records (so many records!) and tapes. You went mad for tapes. Best thing ever was those Saturdays in which you and your posse used to lock yourself at your place, smoking and spinnin’ records. In those afternoons, it often happened that you recorded the session, ready to become the soundtrack for those long car trips to the parties. You find yourself looking at this tape and you’re immediately teleported twenty years in the past: mid-nineties, T.P.’s banged up Eclipse and never-ending late summer night. You remember it all: four of you on that car, cops had blocked every road to the location and you with your pockets full of stuff decided to avoid police checkpoints by taking secondary roads in the countryside. That night you didn’t see the massive stages nor the huge crowd dancing, but the most stunning dawn ever. In the fields, you crazy guys raving on the grass at the sound of this tape, celebrating life in the name of a carelessness you never had again in the next years”.



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