RECORDING#32: Virtual Forest [LIVE @Progetto Mayhem, Torino, 25/02/17]

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25 February 2017, Virtual Forest LIVE + Andrea Marini DJSET @Progetto Mayhem, Turin, Italy

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Virtual Forest is the mystic solo project of Marco Bernacchia [also active in MAZCA.2, ABOVEtheTREE and Stregoni]. His masterpieces Unconscious Cognition Is The Processing Of Perception [2015] and Ritual Machine Music [2016] were released on the Bologna-based YEREVAN TAPES. Virtual Forest journey begins in researching unexplored states of consciousness, looking up to the American Natives who often resorted to extreme practices – such as forced starving and sleep deprivation – in order to evoke trance states where the thin line between what is real and what is not melted, leading to the witness of further, deeper knowledge. Virtual Forest’s long tracks are recorded sampling chants and tribal rhythms, and is available to the listener as free world heritage. It embeds abstract, symbolic dream patterns aiming to arrogate music back its ancient function of community ceremony acconpainment. Once again, sound as a medium for a collective, ritual experience.


• Makie 1402 • Tascam dr05 • Ipod Nano • Microverb4 Alesi • DL8 digitech • Volca Beat • Korg • Sony V:O:R: • FM Radio


  • Andrea Marini was the second and final act of the evening: a beat-driven djset that spaced between traditional, ethnic and dub music. Here you can find a video take to better understand the mood of his set;


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