RECORDING#3: Healing Force Project [DJSET Excerpt @Path Ouvertures act 3, Verona, 21/05/16]

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21 May 2016, Path Ouvertures act 3 @ Associazione Interzona, Via Scuderlando 4, Verona, Italy

Info / Links:

Healing Force Project: FB / Soundcloud / Discogs / Our Interview to Healing Force Project ITA / ENG

“The moniker Healing Force Project, coming straight from the Albert Ayler record, it’s a first, strong element showing the relationship, in the artist’s way to conceive Music, between it and its healing power, and the will to embrace the listener in a warm and thoughful experience too. Since the first release in 2010 on Acido Records, Antonio won the attention of a discretely large audience absorbed by the listening of the peculiar mixture of jazzy sounds, Detroit-techno-driven structures and free-form collages. This could result confusing for the unaware user, yet it matches to it a steady power to evade reality and to shape imaginary landscapes. A big factor in doing that is played by the amazing and evocative artworks of the records on Sequencias, Berceuse Heroique, Sun Cat Recordings, Nous, Eerie, Bedouin, Firecrackes and Eclipse Music. Healing Force Project’s music could be best described as a Dusty Time Machine able to summon sci-fi atmospeheres inspired by afro-futurism, yet brought in a more ethereal and a-politic territory. HFP is psichedelia, indeed.”


  • Before Healing Force Project show the 50-minutes-long modular-synth Mudwise’s live-improvised set took place on the same stage, completing the line-up of the third preview-act of Path Festival taking place each September in Verona, Italy in many different venues inside the city. All the three Ouvertures were hosted by Path together with Soho Verona and Morse _. Click here to get redirect to Mudwise live set which is Recording #2. The video-report of the third Ouvertures night can be found here, while this is the report for Path Ouvertures act 2.
  • We hosted on this pages Antonio Marini from Treviso, Italy, aka Healing Force Project (the moniker has been chosen after a short period in which he was playing DJ as Velcro Tape) few months ago. The occasion had been his performance featuring Giorgio Li Calzi at punkT, Turin, 12th March 2016. For the video-report of the night, click here.




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