RECORDING#20: Roberto Begini [LIVE @PostRoma | Init, Rome, 02/10/16]

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Date / Venue:

2 October 2016, POST ROMA: Negativland – INIT. (opening: Roberto Begini) @ Init, Rome, Italy

Info / Links:

FB / Website / Soundcloud / DiscogsThe live set we present today was recorded in Rome by our correspondant Carlo Cimmino as a part of post rock / experimental / metal music devoted event series called Post Roma with the participation of INIT. The Italian drone / ambient musician Roberto Begini from Rome warmed up the stage for the deeply influential US band Negativland. About the artist:”Roberto Begini is an italian composer and sound artist. His work is currently focused on contemporary electronic and electroacoustic music, with a particular interest in the ambient and drone/noise approach. He publish for Manyfeetunder/Concrete and Oak Editions and is co-founder of the electronic music project Kolmitt. He works as sound engineer, and as composer and sound designer for film scores, in collaboration with international artists and productions (London Film School, Goldsmiths University, Royal College of Music)”.

Recommended discography:

  • Eidos [Manyfeetunder/Concrete, 2016]
    • “There was no starting idea and everything took shape during the process, but the same process was clearly directed. What is this kind of unconscious point of arrival?”;

  • Agosto14 [Oak Editions, 2015]
    • “Agosto14 began as a collection of material recorded during a stay in southern Italy. The initial goal was simply a journal of soundscapes. But I later realized I could not leave this material untouched; I felt an irresistible calling to manipulate the recordings, add other sounds, give it structure, make my music. I had explored a place; this was my call for narration. Each Piece of Agosto14 starts with a personal, collected, concrete sound, and evolves in a musical way”;

  • Chain Session [Stochastic Resonance, 2015] (as Kolmitt)
    • “After a self published EP and a small live recording for Stochastic Resonance, Kolmitt trio is back with a full-length album. Following the path already outlined by the previous releases, the material included in the album was recorded live and rearranged, after many studio improvisations. The result is a composite and manifold material, that moves from spare and rarefied textures to odd beats and complex constructions. However, beyond this variety it’s still very recognizable the proper sound of Kolmitt, which strongly characterizes their productions”;


• Laptop • Midi Controllers • Roland TR-606 • Roland Juno-106 (pre-recorded clips) • Electro Harmonix Double Muff • Korg Signal Delay • field recordings and concrete sounds • Max/Msp processing




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