RECORDING#2: Mudwise [LIVE @Path Ouvertures act 3, Verona, 21/05/16]

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21 May 2016, Path Ouvertures act 3 @ Associazione Interzona, Via Scuderlando 4, Verona, Italy

Info / Links:

Mudwise: FB / SoundcloudEnklav.HatcpQuatremont College ]

Mudwise is Nicola Lucchese’s solo project focused on the heavy-usage of modular synthezisers, declined in different styles and dynamics according to his track mood or the particular moment of the live performance (mainly improvised). He’s half of the Hatcp (pronounced ‘hatcap’) duo together with his brother Enrico Lucchese, and also a member of the Quatermont College quartet gathering Chevel (Dario Tronchin), the founder of Enklav. label based in the Italian region called Veneto, Marco Shuttle (Marco Sartorelli) and Von Tesla (Marco Giotto). He appeared in five different Enklav. releases so far, two of which as Mudwise [Cosmagnetic ENK005 and Entropical ENK018]. In 2013 he published also the 4-track tape called 4017 on the Italian label DOKURO [DK040].


DIY Dual VCA • Bubblesound VCOb • Doepfer A132-1 • A132-1 Dual VCA • Fonitronik Cascade • Doepfer A-156 Dual Quantizer • Makenoise Maths • DIY Dual Multiples • Mutable Instruments Peaks • DIY Multimode filter • Intellijer uFold • Intellijel uVCF • DIY Clock Divider • DIY 808 kick • Makenoise STO • Doepfer A-142-4 Quad Decay • Turing Machine • Mutable Instruments Clouds • Mutable Instruments Grids • Mutable Instruments Braids + Mackie 802 VLZ Mixer


  • Mudwise’s show was followed by the 3-hours-and-half-long dj-set by Healing Force Project [Antonio Marini; we had the honour to interview him few months ago] to complete the line-up of the third preview-act of Path Festival, taking place each September in Verona, Italy, in many different venues inside the city. All the three Ouvertures were hosted by Path together with Soho Verona and Morse _. An excerpt of Healing Force Project’s set will be online for streaming as Recording #3. The video-report of the third Ouvertures night can be found here, while this is the report for Path Ouvertures act 2.
  • We’d been shooting also another Mudwise performance before at Macao, Milan. See the third video for a 1-minute-extract (few lines below).



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