RECORDING#18: Gea Brown [LIVE @ Inside Lottozero & Transart Festival | Kunsthalle Eurocenter, 17/09/16]

Photo by: Patrizio Buralli

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17 September 2016, Sleep Concert & Inside Lottozero @ Kunsthalle Eurocenter, Lana, Italy

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The sleep concert format was first conceived – and performed – by Robert Rich in the 1980’s: this is where the inspiration for the event conceived by Lottozero hosted by Transart Festival and Kunsthalle Eurocenter Lana comes from. Eight uninterrupted hours of music, in which six different artists alternated on stage playing their calm and quiet live sets. The listeners were accomodated for the whole night into the exhibition spaces: laying down right inside one of the already-exposed installations, they were cradled by the music of Claudio Rocchetti, Alberto Boccardi, Sadi, Gea Brown, Paul Beauchamp and Tomoko Sauvage, whose live sets were conceived in order to match and stimulate the different sleep stages. The happening was curated by Gea Brown: her evocative performance consisted in a narration made by vinyl-sampled fragments, taking about 1 hour and a half of the entire experience.Since the same sleep concert format will be proposed also in a different city (Prato, that will see the opening of the Lottozero exhibition spaces on October the 15th: here is the FB event), today we’d like to present to our readers (and listener) the full-streaming of Gea Brown’s live show, recorded in Lana by the artist herself and who is kindly allowing us to publicly share it, in order to possibly convince you to attend it, or at least to recommend it to people living nearby.

Here you can find useful links for getting in touch with Gea Brown’s musical activityies: FB / Soundcloud / Vimeo / Website.

After graduating in Art History and undertaking several experiences in the field of contemporary art, Gea Brown begins to take an interest in music translating the propensity to research and to musical selection in a personal approach to djing, in which different musical strands of the past and present intertwine to shape the mixtape as a collage of sounds that acquires compositional autonomy. Her last projects are focused on voice in spoken language and try to find a balance between narrative and sound, semantic field and music. Since 2010 Gea Brown has been part of the duo Alpin Folks which is carrying on with an audiovisual project marked by the union of drone and techno music. From 2011 she has been creating live set and environmental soundtracks, collaborating with designers and artists working with dance, theater, performance and video art.  She currently lives in Prato, where she works as a sound artist and curator for projects in between visual arts and sound. She collaborates regularly with Sync, a platform dedicated to audio video experimentation, based between Florence and Pistoia. Her live set have been shown in contemporary art centers (Museo Marino Marini, Triennale di Milano, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Palazzo Strozzi, Villa Romana) and experimental music festival (International Feel, S/V/N, Terraforma, Hand Signed, Transart Festival). In 2016 she was artist in residence at Hotel Pupik, in Austria”.


• Turntables • CDjs • Loop and sampler machines


  • The event was introduced during the opening preview of Inside Lottozero, an art exhibition that deepens the relationship between 13 contemporary artists and textile materials. The versatility of this medium brought in the display tapestry and soft sculpture, but also paintings, sculptures, photographies, installations and performances. The artists involved in this project are Marjorie Chau, Roland Barth, Nicole Miltner, Kathrin Stumreich, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Elena Khurtova, Aldo Lanzini, Mariana Sales, Kollektiv Zeitguised, Arianna Moroder, Virignie Rebetez, Zoè Gruni, Anna M. Rose;
  • To see some pics taken at the Sleep Concert and published on Festival Transart FB Page, click here;

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