RECORDING#14: Petit Singe [LIVE @Teatrum Botanicum | PAV, Turin, 17/09/16]

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17 September 2016, Teatrum Botanicum / Emerging Talents @ PAV Parco Arte Vivente, Torino, Italy

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“Petit Singe is the avatar for Indian-born, Italy-based DJ and producer Hazina Francia, created in 2013 as an outlet for her interest in spaced-out romanticism and deep basses., exploring vague reminiscence of her own eastern heritage with a sensibility as close to the old school Adriatic House vibes as to the most recent developments in the darker side of dub and techno. A lover of polyrhythms and breakbeats (previously conveyed in heavy breakcore-oriented productions), her intent is to let the body speak a new shared language of narcotic enchantment” [Haunter Records].

The recording we share with you today was taken during Teatrum Botanicum Festival at PAV, Turin, on the second day. As you can see by the featured video right below, Petit Singe’s hyperdynamic shots of metallic, hopping bass music fueled up the cheering audience’s excited dancing. The artist will play in the first THE ITALIAN NEW WAVE Boiler Room in Milan, Italy next 5 October, alongside Not Waving, Dave Saved and Ninos Du Brasil.


  • PAV is the italian acronym for Parco Arte Vivente, which could be roughly translated in living art park. The large, super-green exhibition space has been active since 2008 and its aim is to investigate the relashionship between art and nature creating a dialogue between the artists and the audience. The three-days event was reserved for Emerging Talents based in Turin, in particular the ones who inspect the contemporary art / nature boundaries. The festival planning included performances, projections, talks and performance-lectures, with the addition of dj sets and live sets;
  • Other than the Petit Singe live set – talking about the musical performances only – Teatrum Botanicum hosted also Primo Amore and TDC Tana del Cobra djsets, Ramona Ponzini‘s djset + live vocals + Lucia Guarino’s impro-dancing performance, and Luca Garino, Ilenia Berra and Saori D’Alessandro’s Ossigeno.


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