RECORDING#11: Trouble VS Glue [LIVE @Villa Ada, Rome, 16/07/16]

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16 July 2016, Trouble vs Glue . Live al d’ADA PARK – “This Age” Release party . Main Stage: Tortoise (USA) @ Villa Ada, Via di Ponte Salario, Rome, Italy

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TvsG is a duo from Rome: Toni Trouble and Mrs.Glue. They do their dancey but wacky pop-punk. They sing often in fake english and hate to use pre-recorded loops.

The recording we’re presenting today refers to Saturday 16/07/2016 evening @Villa Ada Roma Incontra Il Mondo, featuring live sets at the sundown in d’ADA Park, Rome. After a huge amount of time spent in the studio busy recording new stuff, the Trouble VS Glue’s third work has finally seen the light: it’s called This Age and you can listen and buy it here, out of Mr. Trouble’s own NO=FI Recordings.

TvsG is a duo: as the name says, we can picture one of ’em as the Trouble and the other as the Glue, in a never ending fight made of synths, guitar, drums and wicked voices. After their debut album on the german label Urquinaona (“Zum Teufel”) and a song on the (in)famous Borgata Boredom – Music And Noises From Roma Est – LP, they strike back with some great new stuff: 10 killer songs for “Die Trauerweide” LP (eng. weeping willow). They might be two but they sound like a six pieces band! Groove drumming and percussions, killer synths and guitars, female/male schizo voices combined with a dadaist pop attitude into a mix of no-wave, weird punk and hypnotic synth atmospheres. At times TvsG sound like the Residents with a punk drummer, in others like a weird japanese electronic pop band from the ’80s, while some other tracks bring us back to the no-wave of Lizzy Mercier Descloux and DNA. These are only some analogies, because they’ve got totally a personal and original sound. Intense, dancey, wacky, sweaty, catchy! [..] And just a suggestion: they are often on tour (more then 300 shows all over Europe, USA and Canada in the last 6 years), if you got the chance, go and see their live show: it will blow your mind!


• Guitar • Drums • Synths & Toy Keyboards • Sampler • Paddy drum-machine


  • The astonishing surroundings of Villa Ada in Rome were the setting of Trouble vs Glue live concert. The major festival Villa Ada Roma Incontra Il Mondo is one of the most important summer festivals in the city with its main stage guests. Here you can run the names of this year’s edition. It had recently expanded in a free-entry section, under the name d’ADA Park:  workshops, meetings, readings, theater, breakfasts on the lake, and the clubbing nights after the main stage events. The rich program will definitely catch your attention
  • As usually happens for all our audio stuff coming from Rome, also this live performance as been recorded by Carlo Cimmino, our correspondant from the big city; the videoclip you can see here below comes instead from Mr. Trouble’s YouTube channel. Enjoy and share!


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