FAMILY MIXTAPE #7 by Krolik [July 2018]

Artwork by Riccardo Redeghieri


PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS’ family Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here.

FAMILY MIXTAPE #7, featuring KROLIK:  Krolik reportedly dwells into “serial broken fruity hardstyle”. The mixtape puts up 60 minutes of pure madness. Push the button! [Soundcloud / FB / Instagram].



0:00 noumeno + krolik – untitled
3:00 noumeno + krolik – untitled
5:28 noumeno + krolik – untitled
8:22 krolik – untitled
11:04 0fash – ninguno de los dos (krolik remix)
15:03 my sword – damage over time
17:47 linkin park – in the end (comastasis edit)
19:54 krolik – wake me up
23:07 die antwoord – diz iz why im hot (krolik remix)
25:27 hood gang – rainte open (BOGOSS-LACOSTE frap edit)
26:56 kuthi jinani & plastic pollution – 2h dungeon
29:49 krolik – new lexicon
32:36 krolik – destiny’s child
35:42 major lazer feat the partysquad – original don
38:08 dj waxweazle & dj promo – fixxed
41:00 krolik – tutto ok
42:40 anjali world ft casey veggies – uh oh (krolik pumping RMX)
45:03 krolik – green stefany
46:35 krolik – mayor que
48:46 lil peep – benz truck (krolik remix)
51:52 krolik – untitled

Krolik + Weightausend [Live Excerpt] @ PAYNOMINDTOUS x HEEL.ZONE

krolik + Weightausend Live Excerpt at x More available soon at Split release to be published after the summer at Live vj by Lorenzo Rivosecchi & Gianluca Lonigro. Enjoy!

Pubblicato da Paynomindtous su Martedì 24 luglio 2018


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