̶⟨̶ ̶ƛ̶ ̶Լ̶ ̶Ɯ̶ ̶ƛ̶ ̶Ƴ̶ ̶Ƨ̶ ̶Ɓ̶ ̶Є̶ ̶Ƈ̶ ̶Ơ̶ ̶M̶ ̶Ɩ̶ ̶Ɲ̶ ̶Ɠ̶ ̶⟩̶ ̶1̶2̶/̶1̶2̶/̶1̶9̶

Artwork by: k095c

Thursday December the 12th, 2019, 9PM – 12:30AM
Bunker, Torino, 5€ entrance


“the idea that we need to open up our sense of identity to relations to a multiplicity of other axes or entities is in opposition to the idea of identity as something completely closed, fully-formed, and static forever. we are always subjects in process, always becoming something” [via]


Amazon Prim is the moniker of Juanal Bel, DJ and producer from Brasilia, Brazil, now Bologna-based after a few years living in Rome. Club Tormenta affiliated, her mixes appeared on fundamental series and labels like Jerome and Salviatek. A diaspora child, her blend of baile funk, neoperreo, hardcore bass and obscure pop music, is a testament of her remarkable attempts of investigating and expanding the idea and feeling of identity in a hyper-connected yet fragmented society.


Kuthi Jin + Voronhil, formerly known as Kuthi Jinani and Krolik, will perform their joint live set to unleash on the crowd a solid schizo mixture of bass and hardcore music genres such as jungle, grime, and footwork. Their show is the astonishing result of a stunning sound design, on a quest for crafting the dopest track ever yet. Sheer, uncontrollable bass violence presented at the beginning of their new, tumultuous-as-ever path.

? C:PALA & GUIOT live

C:pala & Guiot, Paynomindtous crew members and resident performers, will join their laptops for the first time in code-controlling two Korg synths, having the machines output fine-tuned frequency chirps, abrupt noise bleeps, and intense, heartbreaking melodies. Sensory and emotional overload from a previously unseen two-headed collaboration.


??????, ??? ???????’ ???????? 0/200
~ 20 min. da P.ta Nuova: 18 da V. Emanuele fino a Ponchielli
~ 20 min. da P.ta Susa: 49 fino a Ponchielli o 19 + 18 (cambio a Fiocchetto)
?????? ??????? 01:15 AM


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