̶P̶A̶Y̶N̶O̶M̶I̶N̶D̶T̶O̶U̶S̶ ̶Ⅲ̶ ̶A̶N̶N̶I̶V̶E̶R̶S̶A̶R̶Y̶ ̶S̶P̶E̶C̶I̶A̶L̶ ̶|̶ ̶2̶8̶/̶0̶2̶/̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

Artwork & concept: 095-

28/02/2020 | 11:00PM – 4:00AM
Entry Fee: 5€


Alla fine di Febbraio 2017, dopo poco più di un anno di attività come rivista online e media website, abbiamo lanciato la nostra serie di eventi Paynomindtous a Torino. Ora che sono passati tre anni, a che punto siamo arrivati?

?️ SWAN MEAT ▬ Bala ClubInfinite Machine
“Swan Meat is a producer, DJ, poet, composer, and engineer currently living in Cologne Germany. She burst onto the scene with her debut EP, Bounty, at the beginning of 2017, and has since been highly prolific, releasing a series of terrifying singles and remixes. Her most recent single, ‘SATANS PRESET,’ brings her aesthetic to the boiling point of shots of energy flush with chiptune whorls, wry allusions to dubstep, heavy trap percussion, and floaty string arrangements”

?️ DJH ▬ Live From EarthMäss
“DJH is a musician and producer working at the outer edges of electronic music and contemporary rap production. Through emotive melodic excursions and compositions unafraid of embracing the beauty of digital audio processing artifacts, his music shapeshifts between boldness and timidity”

?️ M a n a ▬ Gang Of DucksHyperdub Records
“Turin-based composer, sound designer, and producer Daniele Mana has been active since the early ’10s. 2019 marked the publication on the seminal London-based Hyperdub of his debut album ‘Seven Steps Behind‘ under the new moniker M A N A, a collection of visions taken from his subconscious through lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and meditation”

?️ TORPEDO ▬ AmphibiaCLAMPaynomindtous
?️ C:PALA & GUIOT ▬ Paynomindtous

??????, ??? ???????’ ???????? 0/200
~ 20 min. da P.ta Nuova: 18 da V. Emanuele fino a Ponchielli
~ 20 min. da P.ta Susa: 49 fino a Ponchielli o 19 + 18 (cambio a Fiocchetto)



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We are a non-profit organization registered in December 2018, operating since late 2015 as a webzine and media website. In early 2017, we started our own event series focused on arts, experimental, and dancefloor-oriented music. We reject every invocation to “the Future” meant as the signifier for capitalistic “progress” and “innovation”, fully embracing the Present instead; we renounce any reckless and ultimately arbitrary division between “high” and “low”, respectable and not respectable, “mind” and “body”; we support and invite musicians, artists, and performers having diverse backgrounds and expressing themselves via variegated artistic practices.